What We Value

Industries face a storm of the fourth industrial revolution.
The food manufacturing industry is no exception.

While product life cycle gets shorter year by year and business partner requests cost reduction, quality requirement including food safety gets stricter and meeting delivery requirement is a must in spite of variable factors. The progress of manufacturing equipment technology is remarkable, but the cost continues to rise along with the construction costs increase. Can we truly solve these challenges by conventional way of planning, even in case of a renovation or a new construction?

We focus on Smart Factory which has recently been advocated in various fields, and we should start by improving the quality of the manufacturing process. We would like to build all the processes meeting planning condition and to optimize information related to all the processes together with factory rather than just starting construction with the received planning condition right away. IT is not a purpose or a goal. We are building a solid manufacturing core with the aim of Smart Factory based on our specialized design and engineering technology.