Food factories

Assessment service
for an existing factory

○Conformity assessment of construction-related laws and regulations
○Conformity assessment of food manufacturing safety
○Bottleneck identification and efficiency improvement in manufacturing line
○Assessment of building deterioration, earthquake resistance, and durable life
○Assessment of manufacturing equipment deterioration and durable life


[Design consulting service]

○Consulting service for planning and design
Even if a food factory was designed by any other companies, we can offer consulting service from the viewpoint of its owner, such as if the plan meets requirements.
○ Consulting service for the optimization of manufacturing equipment
We provide consulting service for problem solving and optimization on the manufacturing line.
Flow of food safety program

[Consulting service for food safety program development]

○Employee education and training
・Food facility safety management program
・5S training
○Flow of food defense development


・Vulnerability assessment for prevention of food contamination
・Risk assessment for intentional foreign objects
・Build the basic control system
○Consulting service for HACCP program development and operation
○Support for obtaining HACCP certification
○Training HACCP team and offering certificate
○Support for obtaining ISO22000/FSSC22000 certification
○Consulting service for ISO22000/FSSC22000 development and operation



Once an accident related to food occurs, a food factory faces a great risk for its survival. So, a food factory needs appropriate assessment system. We, Institute of Food Facility Design & Engineering, assess by using our expertise if facility and manufacturing equipment conform to food safety same as due diligence conducted for an investment or an acquisition of food manufacturing companies.

①Food hygiene-related laws, hygiene control status
②Status regarding JAS, ISO, HACCP
③Equipment such as manufacturing capacity
④Manufacturing control capability
⑤Environmental pollution control equipment