Food factories

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Toward quality improvement
of factory construction and solid process proposal

Institute of Food Facility Design & Engineering specializes in food factories, as its name suggests, and does three main businesses as below.
①Facility planning/design/design drawing/design management
②Advice and proposal for the selection of manufacturing equipment and for manufacturing line construction
③Building of food safety management system and facility planning based on it
We also have many experiences with a renovation and an upgrade for existing facility in addition to a new construction and an extension.

We propose the latest Smart Factory
in conformity with the food safety management program.

We create a factory plan meeting its purpose by utilizing the consulting qualifications for the food safety management program. If you have enough time for creating factory plan, we can also provide food safety courses for those involved in the planning. Therefore, you can build food safety program and obtain certification when the facility is completed.

We discuss with our customers
about the manufacturing line and manufacturing equipment.

We construct the manufacturing line and select manufacturing equipment by utilizing our knowledge and experience in various food manufacturing companies.
If necessary, we also develop new manufacturing equipment and work on automation aiming for labor saving.